Creating a healthier, more sustainable NHS

We give GP partners the autonomy, support, and financial freedom to do what they do best - care for their patients.

Our methodology

General Practice Consultancy Alliance (GPCA) is a GP-led organisation that works with GP Partners to improve:- Patient access
- Patient experience
- Cost efficiency
- Health outcomes
We call this our healthcare diamond, and use it to create an environment for clinicians to thrive.

How we help

Management Support

Relieve stress

Our management specialists work with you and your team to take the weight of administration off your shoulders, giving you the time to focus on what really matters.

Recruitment and Retention

Reduce workload

Integrate tech-driven solutions that solve common back office inefficiencies, reliving workload pressures to enable a healthier, happier workplace for your team.

CQC Consultancy

Improve quality

Create an attractive package for prospective partners, build confidence in your service, and get a rating that truly represents the time and effort your team put in.

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One of our guiding principles is to understand the specific needs of the GP Partners at the practices we work with. We provide bespoke solutions based on these needs, including a seamless path for GP Partners to hand back their contract and transition their administrative burden and financial liabilities to GPCA.Continuity of care is our number one priority. Practices utilise our clinical and operational resources to support GP Partners, practice teams, patients, and the local NHS infrastructure to run smoothly and deliver exceptional care.

Succession planning, the right way

We offer flexibility for GP Partners to remain as locum or salaried GPs, learning from your years of service and experience during the handover process. Whether you're planning for ongoing engagement or GP retirement, we provide a short or long transition to secure your financial future and ensure continuity of care.

“The team at GPCA have deep clinical, recruitment, operational and technical expertise. GPCA helped me and my team to achieve a better work-life balance and improve our Friends and Family score by 2.5X.”- Dr Jay Verma, GP Partner at Shakespeare Health Centre in Hayes, London

"GPCA offered me a solution I didn't think was possible. They took on the administrative and financial responsibilities of my GMS contract, and allowed me to stay on as a salaried GP."- Dr Manish Singh, GP Partner at Carrfield Medical Centre in Sheffield

No more hiring locum GPs

GP partners often find themselves juggling recruitment, administration, and patient care. Hiring locums can add to the stress and detract from the core mission of providing exceptional care.There is a better way. Our GP management solutions empower you to focus on what you do best - caring for patients. By entrusting us with your GMS contract, we take on the recruitment and day-to-day administrative responsibilities, providing you with the autonomy, support, and freedom you need.Achieve the perfect work-life balance and elevate the quality of your practice by leaving the admin and GP recruitment to us. Partner with GPCA to transform the way your practice operates.

Unlock a fulfilling retirement

At GPCA, we recognise the unique challenges GP partners face in achieving a comfortable and fulfilling retirement. We specialise facilitating the purchase of practice properties under £3 million, transitioning any lease liabilities you may have, and taking on the responsibility of your GMS contract, offering you a pathway to financial stability and a balanced workload.Retirement doesn’t have to mean an end to your contributions. We offer non-clinical consulting opportunities for experienced GPs to share their wisdom with the next generation. Our dedicated team ensures a seamless and stress-free transition. Contact us to explore a GP retirement solution that honours your dedication and secures your future.

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